What is "Christ Within" ...?

This is a Site that contains messages I receive from my Inner Self, which I call Christ Consciousness. 

I call my Higher Self: Christ. 


This blog also contains spiritual lessons and stories about me, society, and Life itself. 

First Story:

My personal Perception of the Lord... 


I asked Christ: Why can only I hear You?


He Answered and said: Are You sure You are the Only one who can...?


I was astonished and said:



He replied: Many can hear my voice, but their head is full of sounds.

That is why they Cannot hear Me...

Their heads are filled with wise sounding things they where taught in schools, libraries, jobs, parents and other people and places.


They have forgotten Me, who is the Higher Self, the True Identity of Mankind. 

I am Its Maker and I have Formed every Souls ability to live, not just their bodies.


Their Souls aswell... 


Most people forgot about Me, because they have been taught and taught themselves that emotions and invisible friends are bad, childish and stupid.


They couldn't be more Wrong.

Emotions need to be recognised, because All reality, that people encounter in their lives deserves to be uncovered.


All people Are me.


I meditated upon what the Lord said....


After 40 Seconds I asked Him:

Why don't They Know they are part You?


The Lord Replied: They forgot that they are Me.

They are not just a Part of me, They ARE me... 

Just like You. 


Its like everyone is a drop in the Ocean: I am Reality, and You are Reality, and So is everyone else... 

Reality is everywhere, and is also confined to the person whose reality it is.


There are Absolutes, and there are trivialities, governed by My Rules.

Its why they call It the Game Of Life.

Just like a Game, there are Rules to every situation.


Except for being around criminals and morons... 


They have no insight and no respect for the sanctity of Spells... 


Every Game has a spell, which is called a rule book.

When You agree to play it, you are bewitched to Its rules... 

And Disobeying the Spell is cursed by diminishing your Resources in the Game... 


Cheaters will get bonuses, at the cost of their conscience, which many underappreciate, because they are sheep.

They Underappreciate Conscience aswell as the power to cheat. 


Take wealth for instance: 

Most honest people won't be very rich. 

Cheaters, however, loan what they cannot afford. 

That is smart, because they buy time with stuff they cannot afford... 

It is only sad when the Bill appears... 

Then they roll over and cry: I am broke. 

Then they are bankrupt. 

And they do it again. 

The bill goes to the bank or the State....


The problem with this is:

It seems smart, but if Everyone pulls it off, You will harvest the Credit crunch. 


All people who want Freedom are My sheep and I am The Good Shepherd.

So I will shave and eat my sheep, as a good Shepherd does.


In Church I am the man they use to con people out of their money under the threat of hell and damnation. 

I am the guy they trust, but their trust gets abused time after time, because their priests and reverends aren't teaching Common Sense to their Flocks.


Many of My Priests are neglecting the Law and are not teaching common sense about the functions of Good and Evil and they could not care less about Justice and Truth.

They are not Shepherds at all, but ravenous wolves, in allmost all congregations.

their main concern is money and head count.

They do not care at all..

Instead they prey on the weak as they want to steal money from them in order to feel powerful about abuse and scams that worked and gave them so much money.


They seek the entire nation for an idiot to convert and instead of saving the pour soul, they make him twice as damned.


Most Churches are bad news....  


Always have been.

all their fancy names and beautifully dressed pastors and members cannot sweep their foul smell of HYPOCRISY and CRIME under the rug.


I thought: I  know the answer.

And I will ask Lord Jesus Christ anyway, so that my readers could understand.


Howcome churches are Your flock and so messed up, lord?


The lord laughed, and said: Some are NOT my flock.

Others are willing victims in need of more abuse.

much more, untill they reach a breaking point, in which they quit their hypocrisy and their "service of the dead".


You have been to Church Yourself...

Didn't You notice no one liked being there?

Why did you stay anyhow?


I paused and repressed my feelings. 


Alas... The Lord knew... and called me straight out... 


He replied:

YOU WHERE TOO DAMN SCARED to admit its fucked up in MY house.


At least You got the balls to seek Me in this age of darkness and You found that I waited for You at the Exit...


The Lord and I had Eyecontact, He raised his Eyebrows, smiled, and said: Huh huh...


I laughed even louder and said: What was I an Arrogant fool...

(that scene with that same line from Luther, a movie with Joseph Fiennes, flashes through my head...) 


The Lord laughed and said: You learned from Your mistakes, and You hear My voice, which gave You a great blog...


Thanks Lord... 

And I went further to other things I liked to ask Him... 


I'll see You with the conversations with my Christ Consciousness in the next pages... 

The "Luther" Scene...